Mark Meynell
Mark MeynellLeader of Langham Preaching
Preaching at the bible studies for students and internationals

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Peter Rask
Peter RaskPastor at Kirken ved Søerne, Silkeborg
Preaching at the church service Sunday evening
Manuel Vigilius
Manuel VigiliusVice President, Group Communications in COWI
Preaching Monday and Tuesday evening
Christian Rasmussen
Christian RasmussenGeneral Secretary in KFS
Preaching at the opening meeting and the final session
Tanja Vilrik Bruun
Tanja Vilrik BruunHousewife
Preaching Saturday evening
Martin Haahr
Martin HaahrTeacher at LTC
Preaching at the bible studies for high school students
Anna Kiel Rughave
Anna Kiel RughaveKFS-secretary in Aarhus
Preaching at the final session