Price: 670 kr.
The price for the whole camp is 670 kr. and is a beneficial price, which pays for the entire camp from saturday to wednesday.
The daily price is 260 kr. including accommodation.
A single night costs 75 kr. including evening coffee.

The last day to sign up and still get a discount is the 31th of March.

The last day for pre-signup is the 7th of April. After this date, you can sign up by showing up in the reception at the camp.

Signup after the 31th of March costs 10 kr. extra per day of participating. This fee is due to the inconvenience of the extra administration.

When you arrive to the camp, you must register in the reception at the entrance to Skanderborg Odder Educational Center and receive a participant bracelet. It is possible to pay by card at the camp, but we encourage you to pay from home in order to get into the fast line. The following cards can be used: Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY. You can pay with MobilePay as well.

If you cancel the registration, the payment will be refunded. If the cancellation is later than 14 days before start, you will still have to pay half of your ticket, since the food has already been ordered. Cancellation at the camp will not lead to any refund.

If you are a member of KFS, you get a 10% discount on the camp price, and at least 35 kr. discount. This means that the camp price is 603 kr. and the evening price is 40 kr. for members. If you are not yet a member, you can register at the camp registration.

The membership fee varies slightly according to which local association you belong to. The amount is min. 100 kr. and max. 320 kr. pr. year.

  • 10 % discount at Easter Camp, Disciple Conference, and Student Conference
  • Democratic influence in your local community
  • Ability to vote at the election of the board at the annual general meeting on sunday the 14th of April 2019.
  • FREE printet version of the magazine ‘Til Tro’ with the mail
  • Special membership offers and news

If you feel like helping others get to camp, you can pay a little extra when signing up.

If you wish to seek financial support to help paying for your ticket because you do not have the money to participate, then write an email to Thomas Skjoldbjerg ( Your request will be confidential.

If you have questions regarding signup you are very welcome to write a mail to

You can bring your own mattress or sleeping pads to camp, but you can also rent a mattress for only 20 kr., if you just write it at the signup. Since we do not have enough mattresses for everyone, you must be quick. If there are no more mattresses, it is not possible to click the box at the signup.

Nb. If you rent a mattress, remember to bring sheets!

  • Bible
  • Sleepover stuff such as sleeping bag, sheets to the ordered mattress or sleeping pad
  • Money to donations and to buying books
  • Lunch for Saturday evening
  • Sports clothing
  • A small bag or big pockets to valuables, so that they are never left behind at the dormitory. Theft does happen, so be sure to only bring your most necessary valuables to camp. It will be possible to get your computer locked up, if you choose to bring it.

The camp buildings are located at Højvangens Torv 2, 8660 Skanderborg. The camp is taking place at Skanderborg-Odder Educational Center (dinner, cafes and seminars), Niels Ebbesens School (sleeping) as well as at the Skanderborg Gymnasiums hall (meetings).

There are several good opportunities for transport to Skanderborg, here among: If you buy it yearly, you can get very cheap tickets, for instance the so called ‘orange tickets’. Share a car with a friend or a stranger all over Denmark. Find your route with public transportation.

If you arrive to Skanderborg by train, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the station to the camp.

During the camp, forgotten items can be handed in at the teacher’s room, which can be found to the left of the entrance to the Skanderborg-Odder Educational Center.

After the camp, forgotten items will be saved at the KFS-secretariat for a month and thereafter given to charity. If you have lost something at the camp, you must write to

If any emergencies occurs, the following numbers can be called all hours of the day: 7178 1235.

Alternatively, you can contact camp leader Lars Bjerregaard at his phone number: 2521 8866.

Online registration is closed

But just show up at the camp to join