Easter Camp 2019

13 – 17 April


At Easter Camp 2019 we will dive into the freedom of Jesus Christ and celebrate it.

The remarkable thing about the freedom of Christ is that it is freedom in the middle of a world that, despite its beauty, is also perishable and filled with evil.

But in the middle of this the Christian is free. Something new has been made. We are free in Jesus Christ – a freedom that is hidden from the human eye and also often for our feelings and experience, but the freedom is none the less real because it is anchored in Christ himself.

So welcome to Easter Camp 2019! Come and dive into the freedom and bring your friends.


Easter Camp


Mark Meynell

Preaching at the bible studies for students and internationals

Image: © Jodi Hinds

Peter Rask

Preaching at the church service Sunday evening

Manuel Vigilius

Preaching Monday and Tuesday evening

Christian Rasmussen

Preaching at the opening meeting and the final session

Tanja Vilrik Bruun

Preaching Saturday evening

Martin Haahr

Preaching at the bible studies for high school students

Anna Kiel Rughave

Preaching at the final session

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But just show up at the camp to join