Welcome at KFS’ Easter Camp 

The yearly – long awaited due to Covid – camp for students all over Denmark. Five days leading up to Easter with Jesus in focus. Bible teaching, worship, seminars, new friends, board games, reflection and hygge. 
500 students and one Gospel that will set you free.

The theme is “Fra Gud” – From God

Jesus tells us to “go” but in what direction? Towards family and friends?
The Future? His Word?

We can be tempted to flee the mission,
in the confusion of everyday life, where to start? 
Join us in trying to verbalise the direction.
We will hear stories from Gods great work around the world,
and listen to the Gospel that liberates us – today and in the future – in our firm foundation on a mission From God
The Easter Camp is for all students – most talks will be in Danish,
but will be translated via headsets into English. 
As an International Student you will be welcomed by our international host,
Lisa Rom Boye, who can answer your questions
and will make sure you can find your way around.
You are welcome to contact her before at lisa@kfs.dk

Signup and cost 

The Camp starts on Saturday April 9th through Wednesday April 13th.
Last signup is Sunday March 27th – after this day it is not possible to sign up online. 
The cost is 670 DDK for the entire Camp.
It is possible to sign up for fewer days.
The cost is 230 a day from lunch to breakfast. 
The fee is paid online when signing up.
We accept Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron.

If you must cancel your participation after March 27th, you will still need to pay half of the fee, since the food ordering have been sent. If unsubscribing at the camp no reimbursement will be made. Any questions on signup can be sent to kfs@kfs.dk


Please check in upon arrival in the reception,
where you will receive a bracelet that gives you access to buildings and food queues.


The camp is set at Højvangens Torv 2, 8660 Skanderborg. You can take the train to Skanderborg, and the there is a 20 min walk. 


The camp is at a High School and the sleeping facilities will be in classrooms on sleeping pads and in sleeping bags that you must bring yourself. It is possible to rent a mattress in the signup system. Remember to bring a linen to cover the mattress and a towel for the shared showers. 

Also remember to bring: a bible, money for the cafés, sportswear if you feel like it, and a small bag so your valuables aren’t left at the sleeping facilities.


Check in starts at 6.30pm on the 9th, and the first meeting is at 7.30pm  
Wednesday we are finishing at 11.30am. 
You will receive a detailed program upon arrival, but roughly it looks like this:  

Bible teaching 
Seminars, sports, and different activities
Evening meeting with worship  
Hygge and good night